WV Soil Tunnel Trailer Takes Students Below Ground

Marshall County WVU Extension Service Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Assistant David Shipman explains to Cameron Elementary students the unusual process of growing peanuts.

Northern Panhandle Conservation District members and several volunteers spent the past week visiting schools in Marshall County to teach students about “the whole other world beneath their feet.”

Students at Cameron Elementary School, Center McMechen Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Glen Dale Elementary School, Hilltop Elementary School, Moundsville Middle School and Sherrard Middle School got to simulate going underground while walking through the West Virginia Soil Tunnel Trailer.

Ways to keep the environment safe and clean were discussed. Students found it hard to believe everything they eat, with exception of fish and seafood, comes from the soil. They were also amazed to learn it takes 1,000 years for Mother Nature to produce one inch of top soil that can be destroyed in an instant. Students explored both the aquatic and soil ecosystems.

The WV Soil Tunnel Trailer was on loan from the Capitol Conservation District, which represents Kanawha County in the West Virginia Conservation Agency.